tour de fleece begins aka I’m obsessed!

First off all… what was in the box? My very own Majacraft Rose!! :-) Whoo Hoo!!!! :) I haven’t had a chance to take some really good photos of it but here’s a peek:

I feel I made very good investment with this purchase.

See that little bit of pink in the lower left corner? It’s what I worked on first for Tour de Fleece. It was a work-in-progress that I had on my spindle for a while. I had totally over pre-drafted it but I wanted to finished it.

It was hand dyed by Spincerely, one of my favorite indie dyers, in the colorway ‘Goldflame Honeysuckle.’

I’m am very happy with the final results. I call it ‘Flower Petals’.

Started: 07-04-09 (as WIP)
Completed: 07-07-09

Weight: 3 ounces
Length: 208.3 yards

I LOVE it! I think it’s enough to follow through with my original thought to use it for a Morning Surf scarf. (If I can’t stop staring at the yarn, that is. ;) )

Now I’m working on this:

It’s from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber club in the Colorway ‘Lame Duck Mallard’ – Superwash BFL. Not one of my favorite colorways so it’s perfect to practice chain-plying. I’m going to spin 2 ounces and then ply those singles and trying to figure out why I have such trouble. I’m enjoying spinning the singles – I’ve never spun BFL before and I’m like it.

In other news, my socks…

…I only have to do the cuffs and they will be done! :) Yay!

Fiber is so much fun, isn’t it? :D

10 thoughts on “tour de fleece begins aka I’m obsessed!

  1. One of my friends has the Majacraft Rose and she let me spin on it a few months back. Very nice!! I am also loving your yarn. :)

  2. Love the colors. I’m more of a dark girl, but I love looking at the pretty bright colors. I think I may need to branch out. After I spin up all my darks….or maybe not…;)

  3. I have a squeek in my wheel too. It is only made worse when the kids walk through the room and imitate the sound making me super annoyed.

    Hope your spinning is coming along – I still love this yarn and keep drooling over it : )

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  5. congratulations on your new wheel! i have a suzie and i love her dearly. i wish you and the rose all the best. :)

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