for charity

my work is having a drive for goods and supplies for a local domestic violence shelter. their need includes art supplies.

I had a box of acrylic yarn that I took in and today I stopped Michael’s to pick up some more stuff.


I got some yarn (it was on sale!!), crochet hooks, couple sets of straight needles and a set of double pointed needles.

Me? I’m still working on the bunny… It has a head, 2 ears, a body, 2 arms and one leg. Not much hopping goin’ on around here yet. ;-)

See ya! :D

pink & black

Here is what I am spinning. :) this is vintage stash. I am pretty sure that this yarn will stripe. Can’t wait to see how.


It is merino tencel, dyed by Spincerely Yours. After spinning that cashmere silk blend, this fiber is easier and going much faster previous attempts at spinning this blend.