fiber friday: kaleidescope

I always said that if Dave ever offered his hand painted fibers again, that would be one of the first thing I bought.

Cabin Cove Mercantile recently reopened for business and I filled up my cart with goodies!!

This is 4 ounces of 100% squishy merino in the Kaleidescope colorway. (I can’t resist a rainbow. ;-) )

The last fiber I bought a few years ago from the Mercantile is still in my stash. It’s that ‘beloved’ stash that sits there ’cause you don’t wanna to mess it up. Well, I’m a much better spinner now and make more yarn that I like than not.

I can’t wait to spin it all! :)

are wii having fun?

Yes! Wii are! :D … and that’s…

The good news:
I got a Wii last month! I won it at my company holiday party! Can you believe that? And I love it! I love how active you have to be to play it. I received Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and finally got a TV stand for my TV and soon I’ll have things set up the way I want it and Wii Fit, here I come!

The bad news:
The Wii has distracted me from my spinning! :roll: . I know! How frustrating! (I did, however, achieve my goal of spinning or fiber prep every day in December so I am pleased.)

Can someone find out how to add more hours in the day please? There is not enough time for the fun stuff. *pouts*

Ok, enough pouting! I have what you’ve been waiting for – more stash enhancement! :D

It’s from The Painted Tiger – 8 ounces Corriedale Cross in the colorway ‘RBY Party’.

I had so much fun spinning ‘CMY Party‘, I couldn’t resist a chance to try this one.

I plan on chain-plying this fiber as well, but I hope to spin the singles a little thinner.

See ya later! :)

a moment of weakness

My goal this winter is the spin down my stash, NOT to add to it. And I’d been doing well. But in December I had a weak moment… (or two or three… ;) )

Dyed by AllSpunUp in my fave colors. Her hand dyed fiber is so distinctive but I’ve only once before bought from her and that ended up in my handspun shawl. Before then, I loved her reclaimed/redyed yarn. I have an awesome skein of cashmere (Yes, blue & purple) that I haven’t used yet.

The fiber is 80% Merino & 20% Silk. I can’t wait to spin this up!

Stay tuned for more stash enhancements. :D

p.s. Happy New Year!


I have cancelled most of the fiber clubs I’ve participated in, but I’ve re-upped with the Black Bunny Fibers fiber club. It’s not every month and you don’t have to pay a bunch of money up front. There’s also another reason:

My camera can’t convey the depth and variances of the color, but it’s amazing. The colorway is Poinsettia and the fiber is 4 ounces of Cormo roving.

I’m going to wait a bit to spin this. It’s so gorgeous as is.

a mosaic of color

Sometimes I search the internet for fibery inspiration. I love color!

rainbow mosaic

1. 32 Flavors handspun rainbow merino yarns, 2. handspun rainbow merino, 3. Rainbow Sherbet Supercoiled Scrap Art Yarn handspun, 4. yip.111 i spun a rainbow, 5. pastel rainbow, 6. 08_rainbowyarn4, 7. My sock yarn dyed detail, 8. Surprise Party end, 9. coley’s favorite outfit, 10. rainbow BFL macro, 11. grafton rainbow colors, 12. one night stand batts :: john, 13. batts rainbow, 14. Rainbow Batt of Corridale Fibre, 15. Rainbow 1, 16. Remember the Night Rainbow…

happy accident

My first attempt at crockpot dyeing didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I tried three colors – yellow, purple and red and my hope was that you could see each color… but due to my using my crockpot for the first time (and accidentally having the setting on low), the colors blended. With just yellow and purple, I could have ended up with muddiness, but the red kept that from happening and I ended up with a kinda of rust color with variations.

Stay tuned to see the spinning of this fiber. :D

fiber clubs

The next few posts are gonna catch you up on some of my fibery happenings …..

Over the last few months, I’ve received some lovely fiber in the mail… wanna see? :D

Spunky Club:
February 2009: New Day – Corriedale

January 2009: Twilight – Organic Merino

Sweet Georgia Yarns:
February 2009: Frost Flowers – Wensleydale

March 2009: Gumdrops – Corriedale

Black Bunny Fibers:
March 2009: Lapis Lazuli – Wensleydale