le tour de fleece continues…

I finished spinning the Lame Duck Mallard colorway.

While I didn’t fall in love with the yarn I created, I was very pleased with the progress I made on chain-plying. I’d previously been underplying my singles (and the plies) so I worked to add more twist, even going so far as to add too much twist in places. Hopefully, at some point, I’ll find a balance. It’s hard for me to tell if I have enough twist. So I’m trying to add more twist than I think I need. Being a solitary spinner, it’s more of a challenge to figure this out.

Now I’m spinning this:

Dyed by Spincerely – Superwash Merino in the colorway, Delilah.

I’m spinning it fine so it’s going a little slower, but I’m enjoying it. I love spinning Merino. I started out with a couple pf pre-drafted sections, but I lost the color variations so now I’m spinning directly from the top.

I also finished my socks this week! Stay tuned for pictures! Hope you enjoy your week!

3 thoughts on “le tour de fleece continues…

  1. oooh,ahhhh. Your yarn looks terrific! Looks like you will have great yardage on the purple.

    I haven’t tried chain (Navajo?) plying, but it is calling to me. Did you reach your goal? The jersey’s are up.

  2. oh how funny! i just spun lame duck mallard for the tour as well. i don’t have pictures up yet though. it didn’t come out so well. /sigh

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