a first step

I swatched!

It’s not washed or anything, but it’s the first step to making my first sweater. (Snowbird-ravelry link) I’ve chosen Rowan Felted Tweed. I rather liked the tweedy look of the designer’s sweater and this yarn is said to be machine washable. I’ll probably handwash but it’s nice to see the chances of felting my first sweater are lower. ;) It’s dk and I rather like the idea better than making a sweater in worsted. Finding a pattern I love so much definitely helps with being intimidated by the prospects of knitting a sweater.

And as for being able to afford the yarn for this project, I’m going to return a couple of skeins in my stash to get store credit and that should help defray the cost.

Now keep a good thought that once I’ve washed the swatch, I’ve got gauge. I have my doubts … but I also have hope. :)

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