need some help please…

I am in search of cotton or cotten blend sock yarn. I have never knit cotton before. Does any one have yarn recommendations? I’m looking for solid colors… I’ve looked at a few (like Panda Cotton & Meilenweit Cotton, just to name a couple) but am overwhelmed by the choices and various blends. (I’ve looked at Grumperina’s non-wooly list too…)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. You could try finding some Regia Cotton 4 ply. It comes in solid colors. It is a wool/cotton blend. It’s a very nice yarn and knits up well. Good luck with your search!

  2. I just heard on craft lit podcast that she’s been using Tofutsie (sp?) yarn which is cotton/soy silk/nylon blend that’s really nice.

  3. i love panda cotton. i’m also a huge fan of sockotta. i’ve also trield lanna grossa cotton its good and so is regia. honestly i think they’re all about the same you just have to decide if you want to knit with a cotton stretch yarn or not and thats up to you. sorry that was not really much help :(

  4. I am using “Wick” by Knit One, Crochet Too right now (not for sock pal) and it is a cotton/polypropylene blend. It is very soft and stretchy, comes in solids and some colorways. I got mine from Halcyon Yarns. They shipped very quickly!

  5. I was going to say Cascade, too. You might also consider using a sport-weight for socks — KnitPicks Shine comes to mind. You won’t have as many stitches as a canvas for whatever pattern you want to use, but you also won’t have as many stitches (i.e. they’ll go wicked fast).

  6. I just saw some really great new yarn at Posh over by my house. The yarn is a cotton by Knit one Crochet Too (or two). I am not sure of the name but I think it would be great for socks. Just a suggestion.


  7. I was going to cast a vote for Cascade Fixation too. It’s more sport weight than fingering and the elastic content takes a bit of getting used to, but it knits up VERY nicely. My favorite summer socks are these ones, my BroadRipple Hybrids, based on the Knitty pattern with some mods.

  8. I’ve made socks with Cascade Fixation, and also with the Meilenweit and Regia cotton blends. The results have all been wonderful. It did take me some time to get used to knitting with the Cascade because of the elastic, but once I got the hang of it, it was a very comfortable cotton to knit with.

  9. I second the Tofutsies! While it doesn’t come in solids, its very pretty and easy to knit with. I’ve also seen the Panda Cotton and that looks really neat, too.

  10. i’m using regia 4 ply cotton for some of my socks. (and yes, i will eventually post pics for this comment to actually be of use)

  11. I love Panda Cotton and I have some Tofutsies in the stash awaiting the right project. Doesn’t Blue Moon make a cotton yarn, too?

  12. You know that I don’t have any recommendation but I wish you good luck with your choice! :-)

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