alas, my poor handspun shawl

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my handspun shawl. I truly haven’t. I had been hoping to spin more yarn for it. I’ve got one bobbin done and the 2nd is barely started.

But when I pulled the shawl out of the drawer, I discovered holes. YES! Some little bug chewed holes in my shawl over the summer! I had some other woolens in the same drawer and it seems the bug(s) have discriminating taste as they only went for the merino. (Yes, they went for my blue dream in color socks as well. :( )

So, I will have to rip this out. There’s not a lot of holes, but there’s no way to repair it so I basically would have to knit it again and compensate for the broken yarn (and keep it in a plastic bag).

Despite this reality, I can’t bring myself to rip it out… yet. *le sigh* :(

4 thoughts on “alas, my poor handspun shawl

  1. Sorry to hear about the bugs. You might want to freeze your shawl to kill any eggs that might have been laid in the wool and make sure there’s nothing still alive in the drawer.

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