i’m all about the spinning…

(warning: picture heavy post)

At least this past week has been about the spinning…mostly.

First of all, I changed my banner at the top of this page from ‘and crochets too’ to ‘and spins too’. I can already tell that I’m going to spin more than I will crochet so I wanted it to reflect that.

Secondly, I joined the Hello Yarn Fiber Club! (see the lovely button in my sidebar?) I’ve been wanting to join a club but sock yarn clubs are so expensive. I wasn’t able to join the first round of this club, but I’ve been keeping watch for the next one so when it was time to join, I hopped on board! :D This should prove fun and challenging.

Thirdly, unless Dave updates the mercantile, I won’t be buying yarn for a while. But in this declaration, I unwittingly did not include rovings … which is good, ’cause I just bought this (flikr link). How could I resist a roving that’s almost exactly what I was looking for and named for one of my ABSOLUTE favorite pieces?!? As it seemed to have been made specifically for me, I couldn’t. :D This will be fun to play with … but it’s not my next spinning project. For that… you’ll have to stay tuned. ;)

And lastly…I finished spinning the ‘I Want Candy’ roving!! YAY! Here are pictures of the progression:

The Roving:
‘I Want Candy’ , 4 oz Merino wool hand painted by MadelineTosh











Presenting ‘Candy Shop Explosion’
70 yards of thick/thin, mostly bulky, 4 oz. Merino handspun

This was an interesting process. I can’t say that I love this yarn nor can I say I hate it. What I can say is that I’m proud of it and I do plan to use it.

I will have news on my Sockapalooza socks soon…

Thanks for stopping by!!


4 thoughts on “i’m all about the spinning…

  1. Great job on the spinning. And I’m glad to see you updated your header image. :) Sometimes it helps to do that.
    And, not to worry. Once I’m recovered, there WILL be an update to the CCM.

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