missin’ my mojo …

have you seen my knitting mojo? I seemed to have misplaced it somewhere.

It seemed to have faded away while I was working on the 2nd heel for my pal’s socks, which is now frogged (no, not the whole sock… I was wise enough to put a lifeline in). The first heel went great – as near perfect as I’ve ever achieved.

Did perfectionism subconsciously take away my mojo? It’s entirely possible. Someone told me that it didn’t have to be perfect and I agree. But I want the heels to at least match. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’ve put the socks away and I’ll try again when I’m in a better frame of mind and not feeling so discouraged.

Hopefully next time you see me, I’ll actually have some knitting content to share.


2 thoughts on “missin’ my mojo …

  1. Oh, no! Was that YOUR mojo? I saw one on the street on the way to work this morning. I was going to try and grab it, but then the bus came along, and a car ran it over. You can borrow some of mine, I have a little extra right now that I’m not using.
    And there is nothing wrong with wanting heels to match.

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