fiber friday: cherished stash

Do you have cherished stash? Stash that’s been waiting oh-so-patiently for that …*ahem* perfect *cough* pattern? I have a much of that here at Saffron Knits.

I’ve been wanting to use this particular yarn for this pattern for a while. So this year, at some point (how’s that for vague ;-) ), I’m going to use this cherished yarn to hopefully make an equally cherished shawl.

The yarn:

It is Cabin Cove Mercantile Merino-Nylon fingering weight yarn.

Colorway: Midnight Sky

Colorway: Sunrise

The pattern:

Daybreak by Stephen West

What I love about the idea of using this yarn for this pattern is that each was created by very talented men and the name/colorway of the yarn and pattern compliment each other so well.

I think going from Midnight Sky to Sunrise will make a very lovely Daybreak. :)

6 thoughts on “fiber friday: cherished stash

  1. Those two colors are lovely I can’t wait to see the finished Daybreak. I agree the names of the yarns pretty much asked to be made into the Daybreak shawl.

  2. Wow, flashbacks! I remember those. And I even kept one of the Sunrise skeins for myself. (I think it became a pair of socks.) Can’t wait to see how that knits up for you.

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