WIP it good…

1. Fetching - (the color is not even representative of it’s true nature. Digital cameras do not like red… mine especially. :( )
[Yarn is Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes Cranberry] Fetching

I’m actually nearly done with this one… but it is too small
(yes, just like Odessa dsc05626-2.JPG…I detecting a theme here… :roll: )
So I’m going to rip this out and try again with size US 7 needles. The good news, tho, is that this is my very first cable project!! That was a goal for me to do this year. :D The cable needle is a little fiddly but ok. (I’m not ready to try it w/out a cable needle… I tried and it didn’t work.) I can’t wait to do more cable projects! :)

2. Bejeweled –
Neck scarf made from Carnivale handspun.

Here is picture of the front …


Below is the section that helped me come up with the name.


The only thing left to do is the bind off … but I’m not happy about which row I’ve ended on so I need to think about it before complete this project.

3. Socks –


These are in a holding pattern while I decide if I want to rip them out or continue them. The yarn is so pretty but the colors have become so muddy in this pattern and there’s a pooly-stripeyness that I just can’t get used to. And if the pattern looks familiar, it is. I modified the Cookie A.’s Monkey socks so I could do them toe up. There’s still one thing I wanna fix on the pattern. I learned a lot working on these. That’s why I’ haven’t ripped them out yet despite my frustration at knitting them.

4. Amethyst Socks
And, I’m still working on these socks.


I am on the heel of the 2nd sock.


Knitting on US size 2 needles goes sooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooow. But I’m still chuggin’ along. :)

Enjoy your week!


5 thoughts on “WIP it good…

  1. All of your projects look really beautyful. You must have been quite busy those last weeks. :-)

    Especially the Amethyst socks are way cute.

    Btw, instead of a cable one can use dpn’s as well, right?

    I tried out this pattern a few days ago http://www.helloyarn.com/irishhikingcarf.htm and it was really easy working. I was surprised by that. And as I didn’t have a cable I used a dpn.

    Good luck with all of your projects.

    Well, I wanna see this scarf! ;) *nudge nudge* and yes, using a dpn can be used as well.

    Whatever works, right? Yeah, cables are easier than they look. :)

    Happy cabling! :D ~Saffron

  2. Cables are great, aren’t they? They were also on my “learn how to make” list this year.
    I really like all of your sock projects! :)

  3. You’re having such beautiful projects on your needles – I love them all, as well as the gorgeous colorways you’re using! And I’m impressed by your cabling! Happy Knitting!

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