I just pulled all my needles out of my beret. :( I’m three rows from being finished!!! Now I have to figure out where the beginning of the row is … if I can!! I so wanted to finish today. I most likely will … but I just needed to kvetch about it… :roll:

Thanks for listening!

ETA: I’m so disappointed! The hat is too small! and I have no idea what happened. I truly believe it’s knitter error, but I’m too bummed to investigate it now. I think it’s time to try another hat pattern. I’ll come back to this one later. I still intend this to be a present for someone. Good thing it’s intended for Christmas 2008

3 thoughts on “argh!

  1. Every single beret that I have ever attempted has ended in failure, even if I follow the pattern. Though mine have the opposite problem and end up too big. I might just give up on berets forever.

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