knitting with Elizabeth…

It’s ironic that on the day of my 2nd blogiversary that I find myself wondering where knitting fits in my life these days. My blog has become quiet. My life has totally changed in the last four months. I’ve dealt with loss of job, unemployment and getting used to a new job with new hours.

What has come with all these changes is a shift in my knitting. I still love it … but … previously it was an escape from stuff in my life at the time. Now, that need for escape is not there and my knitting is, well, floundering… for lack of a better word. Especially after the disappointment of that too small beret.

I was working on these fingerless mittens….

and now I don’t like them. I didn’t enjoy knitting them. So I stopped.

I was practicing some entrelac in the round…


and I got a little frustrated with that so I stopped that as well.

Yesterday, I picked up the VHS set of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Knitting Workshop” from the library. I have the book from the library as well…


I watched a little of it tonight. And I think I’m gonna take a break from the year long gift along and maybe follow along and knit a hat with Elizabeth.

Wish I’d known about these videos when I started knitting.

Happy Blogiversary to me. :)

Next up: Some lovely pictures of some of my spinning fiber stash. :D

3 thoughts on “knitting with Elizabeth…

  1. Happy Blog Day!

    I think it’s totally natural for your knitting to change as you and your life change because it is a reflection of you.

  2. Belated Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I know what you mean with life changing your knitting habits. I haven’t touched my knitting needles in months and not because I don’t like it anymore but because I’m busy with working and learning. *siiiigh*

    But I think your fingerless mittens look beautiful btw. :-)

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