knitting mojo found / suggestions needed…

Yes! I have found my knitting mojo and have been knitting up a storm. I need to finish a pair of fingerless mittens before the end of September. I have been trying to knit a pair of these for several months, but have not been satisfied with the results.

For the first pair, I used worsted weight and that just wasn’t right, especially since these are for someone who lives in moderate climate all year long.

I’m currently on my 3rd attempt. I bought some Dream In Color Smooshy (drool) then went in search of a pattern. I bought one online that visually, I liked. I quickly discovered that the pattern was not for me. But if I hadn’t bought that pattern, it wouldn’t have led me to reworking another pattern. The thing is, the pattern that I like is for worsted weight yarn.

I did a gauge swatch. I counted my gauge several times, but I’m never sure if I’m counting correctly. Nonetheless, I figured out a stitch count but ended up reducing it by 4 stitches to make it fit the stitch pattern I came up with and I knit a prototype. I made notes as I went along and learned a lot and along the way, figured out what I want to do to make it better. Literally flying by the seat of my pant, as it were. ;)

The biggest issue is that since I took away those 4 stitches, the mitten has no ease and I’m trying to figure out how to get more ease.

Bigger needles? Didn’t like the fabric.
I could go down a needle size and add a pattern repeat, but that would mess up the pattern I created, which works best with an even number of pattern repeats.

Add one stitch per pattern repeat? Well, I think the question is where. The pattern is within a 8 x 2 rib. I tried it as a 8 x 3 rib and got an instant lesson in ribbing. (I then read an article on ‘let me explainknit’ explained why it was less stretchy). One thought I had would be to add a stitch somewhere to make it a 9 x 2 rib (I’m using 4-stitch cables so maybe I can put a knit stitch in between the cables and that might work – but I have to decide if I want to add 6 stitches or 3.) Any other suggestions? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Reworking a pattern is SO much fun! :roll: But seriously, I’m so close to figuring this out and the results will be SO cool!

If you’ve made it this far and read my babble, I thank you!

see ya next time!!!

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