good news and bad news…

First … the bad news: :(

My spinning. That’s the bad news for me these days. I’m spinning everyday but it sometimes it seems like I’m never going to finish my HHHH project. I am spinning everyday but it doesn’t seem like I will ever reach the end. I am plying and very pleased with the result. But I am regretting using my new spindle for this project. I feel like it makes spinning harder than it should be. It wobbles… a lot, even with no or not much fiber on it. So much more than my spindle made with a toy wheel.

I feel like such a slacker. :???: My poor swap pal has had to wait. :( It’s all so frustrating and if I were spinning this for myself, I would have stopped long ago… but it’s not. It’s for someone else and I don’t wish to disappoint anyone. I WILL finish spinning and the resulting yarn will be pretty (I can already tell that it will be) and I sincerely hope that my pal will think it’s worth the wait.

and now… the good news: :)

My knitting is so wonderful these days. I’m loving it again. I’m reworking a pattern and I’m having fun with it! I’m pretty much ‘redesigning’ on the fly. These are for my grandmother. She wanted some red fingerless mittens. I hope she’ll like the ‘Ruby River’ Dream In Color Smooshy that I got. Plus, I just got my order from Simply Sock Yarn Co – FIVE skeins of Dream in Color Classy!!!! It’s in the colorway ‘Nightwatch’ for an upcoming project, which I am so anxious to cast on for, but I have to finish spinning for my HHHH pal first.

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  1. That’s too bad about the wobble. I have an expensive spindle that wobbled. I finally got it fixed by giving the little hook at the top a bit of realigning.

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