It’s been over a year since I’ve knit socks. And I blame chrissythegreat from The Manic Purl Podcast for the nudge to start these. She’s been working on and talking about 2 or 3 pairs of Monkey socks that she’s knit and I was reminded of a previous attempt to work on a pair of toe-up monkeys (my own version). Those only ended up in frustration so I ripped them out. In mid May, I pulled out the chart and some Dream In Color Smooshy ‘Some Summer Sky’ and tried again.

Things are going much better this time.

4 thoughts on “monkey-ish

  1. Your monkeys are turning out GORGEOUS!! I’m glad you’re working on them. Great colorway (it’s the same colorway I’m using for my February Lady Sweater). It’s taking all my self control not to totally copycat you and run to my LYS to get some of that yarn so I can make identical ones.

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