You may be right… I may be crazy …

Why am I considering joining Sockapalooza? *shakes head* Well … we’ll see if I actually do it when signups begin.

There’s a possible KAL re: Dave’s Cabin Cove yarn. I think it’s a great idea. (Go Here!!) But … I’ve had my own personal knit-a-long going for quite some time. *grin* It would be nice to join other knitters who enjoy his yarn.

I’m still knitting my socks – They are about 5 inches long so far…. hopefully I’ll be at the heels soon. I’m looking forward to completing these socks. I’ve found a couple of errors but I’m not ripping anything out on these. Who says they have to be perfect? I put too much pressure on myself the last time I was working on these. This time… it’s all about the knitting and learning experience. (and the yarn :D )

Tomorrow is Friday! Have a great day!! :)

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