a party on my wheel

While I have seemed to lost my blogging mojo lately, my spinning mojo has been in full force. Wanna see what I’ve been up to?

I have been practicing long draw with some fiber I got from my LYS:

I spun up that black merino that I bought:

I’m going to knit this with Rayn-bo Brite.

I took the Spunky Club offering ‘Soul Windows’ (4 oz)…

… and took out most of the non-blue sections and got this:

Currently I am spinning fiber from The Painted Tiger – 8 oz corriedale in the colorway ‘CMY Party’.

I switched from the delta flyer (Star Trek: Voyager, anyone? ;) ) to the fine fibre flyer and I like it. My spinning seems more even. But I’ll have to try some merino with the flyer to see if that’s actually true. I got nearly 6 ounces on the first bobbin.

I have about 2 ounces left. I will be chain-plying this. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And yes… I have been knitting. Currently I’m working on the Simple Yet Effective Shawl using Dream In Color Smooshy in the colorway ‘Visual Purple’. (My LYS got a bunch of Dream In Color in stock and I couldn’t resist.)

I wanted to do something that was minimal lace and minimal thinking and this fit the bill.

Hope you enjoy your week!!

4 thoughts on “a party on my wheel

  1. Wow I’m drooling over the CMY fiber! I’ve been trying to dye colors like that for a long time. I guess I’ll have to try again! The eye candy on your blog is lovely. I’ll be stopping by more often!!

  2. you are just a spinning -machine-! and what lovely handspun you’ve been creating! they’re all so scrumptious.

    the shawl is equally lovely. minimal lace is so soothing. i’m hoping to cast on for the damson shawl soon. :)

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