i love this yarn!

‘CMY Party’ – 8 oz Corriedale from The Painted Tiger:

The spun singles:


I call it ‘It’s My Party’

What fun, right? I love all the colors in this yarn! No predrafting – I just spun the top from end to end then chain-plied it.

Started on 09/20/09 and finished on 09/28/09. It is approx 423.33 yards. There is a knot in this skein because I wanted to maintain the progression of the colors as they were in the top. It has way too much twist in most it, but I still love it. I can’t wait to see how the colors stripe as it is knit!

But what should I make???

3 thoughts on “i love this yarn!

  1. it is gorgeous! I’ve been anxiously awaiting these photos and it does not disappoint. If you wear these colors a lot, I would suggest a very nice scarf with maybe enough for a really cool hat left over.

  2. Hmm What to make. A scarf IS a good idea, or a neckwarmer? Try wrapping it around a ruler to figure out how many WPI you’re getting? maybe that will help you determine what to do with it. or a gauge swatch! I made one for my sweater handspun and it helped tremendously!! It’s not mine, but I love this yarn, too! :D

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