time to make the ornaments

I like making ornaments. I feel like I’ve come full circle about ’cause my mom used to have me make ornaments every year, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. But last year, I bought ‘Deck The Balls‘ pattern from my LYS and made several. I had fun making them! (My LYS even had kits this year).

I decided to make some ornaments again this year and I chose a free pattern this time – Alpaca Sox Mini-Socks. It was featured in a Classic Elite Yarns newsletter. I still have the yarn from the ornaments I made last year and will buy a couple more skeins. I’m using the pattern more as a guideline since I am doing a short row heel instead of a heel flap and a different decrease for the toe.


2 thoughts on “time to make the ornaments

  1. That is a cute idea for an ornament I never thought of that before I may crank some out for family members this year.

  2. I always think that I will knit up ornaments with my left overs as I go, but that never really happens. You may have inspired the ability to take an afternoon and just enjoy some mini knitting.

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