“knit on, with confidence and hope…”

One thing that I love about knitting is that it interjects some sanity when the insanity gets too much.

In the midst the knitting and knitting ideas & inspiration, I’ve decided on knitting monogamy – only work on my handspun shawl until it’s finished. I need to move it to a longer needle because the 24″ circular is no longer long enough to hold all the stitches. So, hopefully, on Wednesday, I can take a trip to my yarn store to pick up some needles and couple of skeins for the ornaments. Maybe I’ll stay and knit for a bit as well. When I go into the yarn store, the world and it’s troubles seem to stay outside.

Sorry, no pictures today but tomorrow, I will have some pictures of my handspun shawl to share with you. Wanna hint?

Think S T R I P E S! :)

Stay tuned.

p.s. Credit where credit is due: The quote in the subject is by Elizabeth Zimmermann. :)