Finished Object – Heart Scarf

I don’t have a lot to say today… so here are some pictures of my finished heart scarf. It still need blocking, but I managed to make it look ok for pictures. I love blue and I love hearts.:)

edited to add some details:
Yarn: Handspun, 6-7 WPI (I’m not sure of yardage)
Pattern: Heart Scarf from Fall 2004 Knitty Surprise
Needles: Size 15
Other: It took about a week for me to finish this project. :)




and this is what’s left … more than I expected … hmmm what to do, what to do?


So long, farewell! :)

4 thoughts on “Finished Object – Heart Scarf

  1. Beautiful, Saffron! Wow! Great job! You’re going to wear it proudly, right?

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us. :-)

  2. That turned out awesome! Nice choice of yarn for that pattern, too. Is that a lot left over, maybe enough for some booties, or a pair of ornament socks for next year?

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