shawlus interruptus

Ok. I realized, as I have been knitting my handspun shawl that with the yarn I have, it’s not going to be a big as I want it to be. So I’m going to have to buy and spin some more fiber. Plus, Christmas knitting it calling to me and I want to get some things done in that regard. Knit more ornaments, plus, I just bought a simple crochet dishcloth pattern yesterday.

It’s called JustRight and BigTime Dishcloths by Neatly Tangled Designs. I bought some cotton, thinking I would knit them, but now I think I wanna get out my crochet hooks and try this pattern. The pattern looks very basic, although I’ll have to learn how to do a half double crochet again.

Oh! I just realized that never showed you the cotton I bought!

I know, I know – more blue & purples. :D

Oh, and even though I can’t remotely start a new project, when I bought the crochet pattern, I also bought the Attabi set – both the Cowl and the wrap. The woven stitch is very easy and basic. I think a beginner would have no problem with this pattern and would end up with a very impressive looking garment. :)


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