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Spinning-wise, I mean. When last you saw my spinning, I’d finished ‘Parasol’, a squishy, sparkley, very pink skein of yarn…

When I sat at my spinning wheel again a few days ago, I was motivated to spin some more yarn for the hand spun shawl. I decided to work with two ounces at a time and I have finished the singles for the first two ounces.

It’s just waiting to be plied. I spun this in more of a woolen style than the previous yarn because the fiber is commercial combed top. The fibers are very aligned and I didn’t have the concentration or energy level to do a more worsted yarn.

When that was done, I went back to what had been sitting on my wheel, waiting ever so patiently.

I know! It’s pink! I don’t know what is up with all the pink in my stash. I don’t wear pink. I don’t buy pink stuff. I don’t even buy pink yarn. But for some reason, in fiber, it really catches my eye. It is rambouillet wool that I dyed myself – pink with splashes of red. It totals about three ounces. It’s going to be 2-ply yarn.

Dave reminded me that I can tone down all the pink by being daring and actually taking two different colorways and *gasp* spinning them together. I’m not there… yet. One day, perhaps. :)


Comment by Kim

December 3, 2009 @ 9:52 am

It is pretty. I am not a pink person either, but my mom loves pink. She tries to buy everything pink… You could ply it with a varigated colorway that coordinates if you want.

Comment by Dave Daniels

December 8, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

It really is a nice pink, though. You can also ply it with a different color and see how that looks. And, once it’s been knit, it changes once more.

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