happiness is being warm

I take my handspun shawl with me everywhere. Any moment I can steal to add a few stitches, I do. I’m not sure how many stitches there are per row but recently, in about an hour, I managed about three rows – but I don’t mind. It’s not about completing it, it’s about the knitting and I really like knitting on it – truly mindless, joyful knitting. And because I have it with me at all times, it’s big enough that I can put it on my lap while I’m driving and it keeps my legs nice and warm. :)

Spinning is going nice but slow. I think the honeymoon with my wheel is over but what I’m left with is the love of spinning but not the overwhelming desire to stay up until 1:00 am finishing a yarn. I finished plying the pink yarn but haven’t skeined it up yet.

Currently I am spinning some superwash Merino – in the colorway ‘Kaleidoscope’ dyed by Spincerely.

You can see better pictures on her Etsy shop. It spins like buttah. I split the top vertically in half and will spin a 2-ply, starting at opposite ends for each bobbin. I went down on the ratio and I can tell that I’ve improved. Drafting at this ratio has become easier.

Spinning every day this month? So far so good.

Until next time. :)

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