works in progess…

I was going to write a whole lot more, but I kinda had a crappy weekend so I bring your pictures (and a few comments) of my works-in-progress:

Very Special Socks:


I was mesmerized by some absolutely beautiful socks here and I was truly inspired to try a stitch pattern (for the first time) for socks I finally make for myself. … on size 2 needles. EEK! It’ll be slow going, I’m sure, but that’s ok. I’m enjoying working on them. Oh, and yes, this is Dave’s Amethyst colorway. It’s so nice to be working with his yarn again. This is my OFFICIAL Cabin Cove KAL project! (I know, I know, it’s two months after the KAL started … but I take the phrase ‘no pressure’ very seriously. ;) )

And this is ‘The Neverending Scarf’:


I spent last week practicing the sherman heel and I’m about 85-90% happy with the results. I think I eliminated the big holes on the knit encroachment but it’s still looser than the purl encroachment. Oh well. I still like it better than the wrap or yarn over short row heel.
Enjoy your week!

4 thoughts on “works in progess…

  1. Wow, your works in progress look amazing. I’m absolutely smitten with your knitting (and David’s yarn) that’s for sure. :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Which of Dave’s colorways is that. It’s really pretty and Spring like.

    I’ve been toying with learning “toe-up”, maybe i should!

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