an ending and a beginning

I finished the pink shawl… FINALLY! Geez, it took me six months. I’m so happy that it is completed ’cause now I can gift it! :)

To celebrate it’s completion, I joined a knit-a-long … sort of. The SpinDoctor podcast is having a knit-a-long – Maine Morning Mitts using handspun. My ‘kinda-sorta-maybe-in-a-way-but-not-really’ participation is to make fingerless mitts with my handspun … but not use that pattern but more making it up as I go along.

But you can’t see ‘em until I’m done.


Don’t look at me like that.


Ok … here’s a peek. ;)


2 thoughts on “an ending and a beginning

  1. Yippee for finished projects. The shawl looks wonderful and it must be even more satisfying to be able to gift it. Beautiful!

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