got stripes?

I do! See??

OMG! I’m in love with this scarf! It’s inspired by the Noro Striped Scarf on the BrooklynTweed blog and the Pass-through scarf.

I can’t put it down. When I working some of my other knitting project (which I love as well), this project is like my reward. Currently, it is over 62 inches long and I only have a little bit of yarn left. :D

I’m using two skeins of my handspun that is sock/sport weight with size 3 needles. (I put rubber bands on the ends of a couple of DPN and it works great!). I cast on 55 stitches (1×1 rib +1), changing colors every 4 rows and am carrying the yarn up the side.

I learned and used a ‘new’ cast-on just as I finally got the stitch count for the width I wanted. It’s the Reversible Contenintal/Long-tail cast-on. I had gotten Knitting Daily TV series 300 DVD set from the library and was kinda listening and looking up occaisionally but when Eunny Jang demonstrated this cast on in episode 303, I sat up and paid attention.

I found a tutorial of it on YouTube (but if you can see the DVD with Eunny Jang, I highly recommend it).

Continental and Reverse Continental Cast-on for 2-2 ribbing

I used this cast-on for this scarf and I really like how it looks.

Ok… gotta go … must … knit … more … stripes!!!