back in November

Hello again! My plan is to return in November – not posting everyday like last year, but to try and get my momentum back.

Thanks so much for the kind & thoughtful comments on previous post (you know who you are :) ). My apologies not sending a personal reply, but I wanted to say that your kind words did not go unnoticed.

No return of the Spinning mojo but knitting has kicked into high gear so I’ve got stuff to talk about. Now if I could only find my camera. That’s what I get for cleaning. ;-)

See you soon!!!! :)

Please bear with me…

As you can see, I’m trying out wordpress… and my blog is very much under re-construction. Not everything is in place and I’m still trying understand it but hopefully, soon, I’ll get it to look the way I want.

I brought over the previous posts I made, but was unable to bring the comments along with it. :(
Thanks for stopping by… hopefully, I’ll have more knitting content very soon.


news, socks and blogs

Another thing about this blog, I have a feeling it will be a temporary place until I find a format that I like. I would have waited, but Blogger was starting to frustrate me. But the URL, will not change.

I started my socks last night and I am very pleased. I’m really only about 4 rows in, but I was able to tighten the stitched of figure-eight toe on the first try! WOO HOO! (No, it doesn’t take much to make my happy.

I read several blogs through out the week but there are two that I check on almost everyday. They are also the only ones I was compelled to check out the archives due to curiousity how these bloggers got to that point.

1. the blue blog – This was the first blog I discovered. I think it was through the pattern links at I came to check out the free patterns and I stayed and read. My favorite project of hers is synchronicity.

2. Dave Daniel’s Cabin Cove – I love this blog. I don’t remember how I found it but it’s written by a cool guy with a really cool cat, Miss Lulu. Dave has a love of fiber and color and I love seeing where that love will take him next. And I didn’t have a stash until he started selling his hand-dyed yarn. One of my favorite posts is about hand-dyeing yarn.

Well, I’m gonna go work on my socks now.

ttfn! :)

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the new home of my knitting blog! A new name for a new year. (I never really liked the other one anyway. :) )

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve worked a little bit on my ribbed scarf:
(In cased you’ve forgotten, the pattern is here -PDF)

so… it’s a little bit longer. I like scarves … but for some reason I don’t enjoy knitting them.

I’ve also been crocheting as well:

Pattern is by Denise Black in the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects ed by Rita Weiss.

Now … my first goal of the year? Toe-up socks … again… holes or no holes in the heel. :) I mean…

I’ve got to use all that Cabin Cove sock yarn that is the majority of my stash, right?

Talk to you soon!!!