news, socks and blogs

Another thing about this blog, I have a feeling it will be a temporary place until I find a format that I like. I would have waited, but Blogger was starting to frustrate me. But the URL, will not change.

I started my socks last night and I am very pleased. I’m really only about 4 rows in, but I was able to tighten the stitched of figure-eight toe on the first try! WOO HOO! (No, it doesn’t take much to make my happy.

I read several blogs through out the week but there are two that I check on almost everyday. They are also the only ones I was compelled to check out the archives due to curiousity how these bloggers got to that point.

1. the blue blog – This was the first blog I discovered. I think it was through the pattern links at I came to check out the free patterns and I stayed and read. My favorite project of hers is synchronicity.

2. Dave Daniel’s Cabin Cove – I love this blog. I don’t remember how I found it but it’s written by a cool guy with a really cool cat, Miss Lulu. Dave has a love of fiber and color and I love seeing where that love will take him next. And I didn’t have a stash until he started selling his hand-dyed yarn. One of my favorite posts is about hand-dyeing yarn.

Well, I’m gonna go work on my socks now.

ttfn! :)