cotton yarn choices…

Look what I have!


Meilenweit Cotton Spirit, Sockotta and Panda Cotton.

Unfortunately, I had to buy from three different sources because I couldn’t find one with all three. The little skeins of Panda Cotton are so cute! I think that’s what I’m going to use for my sock pal’s socks. It’s so soft. I know it’s a shift from what I showed you before, but this is based on communication with my pal so I hope she’ll like it.

Now I just need to find a pattern. I just got the ‘More Sensational Knitted Socks’ book so I know I’ve got plenty of options. Thanks again to everyone for helping me in selecting the yarn. I can’t wait to start knitting!!!

Have a good weekend! :)

9 thoughts on “cotton yarn choices…

  1. I nearly choked out laughing when I saw your yarn photo. I have made socks with that color of Sockotta. It was a lot of fun working with a yarn that bright, even if I made them so large that they became charity cases!

  2. I’ve used the exact same color Sockotta, too. The first time I used that type of yarn in a blue/grey color, I really wasn’t loving it at all – it felt stiff and like there was no stretch – blech. Then I washed the sox. They are our favorites! They got so soft and snuggly, it was unbelievable. Hope you like yours as much as we like ours.

  3. I love the colors of the Meilenweit Cotton Spirit and Sockotta. I’ve never seen either colors before! I’ve not seen the Panda cotton before and I’m looking forward to seeing how the socks turn out. I’m sure your pal will like the colors :o )

  4. What wonderful yarn! I recently made a pair of socks in the panda cotton–it was a joy to knit with, so soft, and the socks turned out great, and ar every comfy!

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