rainbows anonymous

Hi. My name is Saffron and I’m addicted to Rainbows. I mean, seriously. I’ve loved rainbows since I was in high school but it’s now a big part of my love of fiber and color. Every Indie dyer has such a unique eye for rainbows, it’s become so much fun buying trying them.

Cabin Cove Mercantile has recently offered some wonderfully colorful kits.

First came the Original Compass Collection.

It has 21 individually hand dyed 50-yard skeins. That’s over 1,000 yards of fingering weight yarn!!


I have some ideas of what I’m going to make with it… but the most prominent idea… this idea would require me to buy at least one more kit so it warrants more thought.

Dave’s most recent kit is the Moose Toe’s Rainbow Sock Kit. Yes I bought one and I know exactly what I want to make. Given the snow storm making it’s way across the country, I doubt that it’s shipped yet. But that’s ok. The anticipation is fun!

Rainbows in winter. Gotta love it! :)

3 thoughts on “rainbows anonymous

  1. Oh, Saffron, those are beautiful photos! You’ve really done them justice.
    And, yes, even in all this snow, your Moose Toe Sock kit is on the way to you!

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