socks knitted just for me…

I just want to gush a little bit about the socks I received from my Sockapalooza pal.


They arrived in my mail box on Saturday, August 4 but I didn’t check mail until Sunday, August 5. I was on my way to my car when I picked up the mail so I couldn’t open the package until I got home. :?

I was in awe when I pulled out the socks. No one has ever made me socks before so I was a little overwhelmed and almost started to cry. I mean, these were made for me – made to fit my feet. (and they fit perfectly)

I examined every inch of my socks… in an effort to discover more about them.

… How was the toe done? Was it knit from the toe-up?


What kind of heel is that? (I LOVE THE HEEL! It’s beautiful!) I’d love to learn how to do a heel like that.


(the picture doesn’t do it justice)

What kind of ribbing was used where?



How did she get those beads on there?


Tons of questions were rolling through my mind as my fingers ran over the soft, wool knitted fabric.

My first handknit socks EVER!!!

I am assured to have some toasty toes this winter. :D

…and look at the little cutie that came along with my wonderful socks:

So I say to you, dear sock fairy: Für die schönen Socken vielen Dank! Sie passen tadellos und ich liebe sie! thanx.gif

5 thoughts on “socks knitted just for me…

  1. They look aweseome, Saffron. You must be very happy and your sockfairy must be very proud. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Wow, those really are great socks. I love the color at the top, but my mouth dropped when I saw how precise the beading is. That’s some major artwork on those. Will you wear them or hang them on the wall as art? (Personally, I’d have to hang them.)

  3. Hi sockpal! I wanted to let you know that I got my socks and I love them! The yarn and the pattern are perfect! I will write a blog post soon, (I meant to today, but I forgot the camera cord) but I thought you’d want to know that they arrived safely!

  4. Those are fantastic. I love hand knit socks. I have given them away and made my own but not ever had someone knit me a pair. The beads look great!


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