One more inch to go…


My toe-up socks using Dave’s colorway, ‘Nana’s Geraniums’. I’m really not a pink kinda gal, but I love geraniums and as I work with this yarn, I can just imagine the flowers that might have inspired this yarn. I’m only 1 inch away from the heel. Wish me luck! :)

In other news … I tried to change my wordpress theme but my blog roll and webring info did not transfer and I’m not even sure what to search for to find a possible answer. :(

5 thoughts on “One more inch to go…

  1. Hey I like the determination to get the short row heel. It took me 3 days of knitting and ripping to get right so don’t give up.

    On the question of your lost info send me an email and I’ll try to help you with my minimal WordPress knowledge.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Congrats on your short row heel. The feeling is great when you finally master a new technique. Keep up the good work and stop back by.

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