Trust … adventure… and spinning

Trusting can be hard. Oftentimes it is not given… it is earned. And imagine my surprise to realize this applies to kitting as well. And specifically… knitting patterns.

I mean following the written instructions and believing that it will work out (errata aside). I mean, this could be about confidence in my knitting, but I don’t think so.

Currently I’m working on a hat that is started with the tubular cast-on, which I’ve never done before. While I was still within the first inch, doing a k1 p1 rib… and I looked at the circumference knowing full well this isn’t gonna fit an adult sized head and I’m envisioning that that will change one I remove the waste yarn from the edge.

I could have done more research about this particular cast-on, but that would have given away the opportunity of mystery and discovery that is a part of the process of knitting. So, I will keep knitting this hat … trusting this designer, trusting a technique that is not new, by any means, and enjoying the mystery and adventure of learning a new technique and trying a new pattern. :)


The yarn I am using is recycled from previous projects that were either going nowhere or and I never did like the final result. So I washed and reset the yarn and started working on Grumperina‘s Periwinkle Beret. The yarn looked really nice as a stockinette hat before and I wanted to stay with that. I’m starting to discover that I don’t really like hand painted yarns in pattern (but I’m sure there will be exceptions :D ). The yarn is Cabin Cove Mercantile Sport Weight in colorway ‘Sunrise Sherbert’. It’s 100% Australian Merino… so soft and squishy. *happy sigh*

Oh… and remember these socks?


They now look like this:


I just wasn’t happy with the colors. The yarn is so beautiful and bright and the pattern didn’t show that off at all.

Lastly… spinning. I finally have spinning goal. I really like this beret pattern and I think it would look pretty made with handspun. So I’d like to be able to spin enough 2-ply sport weight to be able to make this (or any) hat with it. And…I’ll soon be ordering a new spindle so I’m not tied to spinning one roving/top at a time (yes I know I can make my own… but I don’t wanna ;) ). Can’t wait!

I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!!! :)



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  1. I know exactly what you mean about hand painted yarns. I love the look of them but sometimes get bored knitting plain socks with them so I’ve been fiddling around finding ways to use them as ‘seasoning’ in projects. Good for you to rip out all that knitting – I’m sure the yarn will become something fabulous.

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