as the spindle turns…

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In the beginning… I spun these. I bought a sampler of some unknown wool that I really didn’t like.


But this one was my very first attempt at spinning. I caught onto it very quickly… and I think I only dropped my spindle once while working on this little skein.

My next attempt: 4 oz of dyed Corridale from Hello Yarn which resulted in about 35 yds of super bulky yarn. I have no clue what to do with it.

This is the fiber that started all this spinning. This time I managed to get 70 yds from the 4 oz of Merino. I was kinda nervous about using this fiber ’cause I kept hearing that it can be a challenge for beginning spinners but I had no trouble with it at all. :)

I continued my quest to get more yardage from 4 oz of fiber. This merino top (Dy-no-mite) was hand dyed by FatCatKnits. When I first finished this skein, I wasn’t happy with it… which is why I haven’t blogged about it until now. This time I got 100 yards of yarn. I kinda like it now. :)


Below is what I finished plying last night. It’s approx 173 yds, 2 oz of natural Merino. I’m not sure what the wpi is… however … if you read my previous post about my spinning goal … well, I guess I reached it. Which has me totally amazed. Now a better goal would be to try to get worsted weight… to spin thicker. I guess I was so focused on spinning thinner singles, I went beyond what I was trying for. This took quite a while to spin … and … I have 2 oz more to spin. :-| This will be the most I’ve gotten out of 4 oz of fiber! :)



Up next? I’m going to spin one of the other wool tops/rovings that I have before I get back to this yarn. Spinning about 346 yards of singles can get pretty boring when it’s one color.

In knitting news, I’m almost finished with the Beret. I’ve just started the decreases. I’m very much enjoying this pattern! Thanks for the fun, Grumperina! :)

And now for the good news! I ordered a new spindle!!! WOO HOO! I mailed payment today and it should take about 3-4 weeks for me to get it! I’m so excited! But I don’t wanna say what kind yet… I wanna surprise you! Stay tuned!!!!!!!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! :)

ttfn! :D


7 thoughts on “as the spindle turns…

  1. That’s some great spinning progress. And it’s great that you didn’t give up, even when faced with not-so-great fiber.
    And this mystery spindle has me INTRIGUED!

  2. Stunning! Isn’t it awesome to see how you developed and got better with each try? Great job on the spinning. Especially the natural Merino does it for me.

    Can’t wait to learn about your new spindle though. Congrats on ordering one. :-)

  3. I just love the natural merino – it looks beautiful in white. I’ve got a drop spindle and I can’t work out for the life of me how to use it… I blame it on being uncoordinated in general :)

  4. What pretty yarn! I have a drop spindle and book etc…never got the hang of it. Maybe I will get it out and try it all again. Thanks, and keep knitting and spinning!!

  5. I’m totally impressed by your spinning, it’s so beautiful! And it was really interesting to see how you developed with it and it got more and more gorgeous each time!

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