it’s not my fault!

Ok, I went the library and got this book:


I looked at the book multiple times at the bookstore, but really couldn’t justify buying a book if I only liked one pattern – Chevron Scarf…and I didn’t used to like this pattern. I totally blame Tiennie for that. ;)

I visit her blog often, so when she made one, I thought ‘How nice.’ and didn’t think any more about it. Then she made another one and I thought, ‘How pretty.’ and admired it for a bit then went on my merry way. THEN… she made a third one… Now I wanna make one.

…and I think I have the perfect yarn for it. I went through my Cabin Cove sock yarn stash and found two possibilities that might work:

Midnight Sky


See what you started, Tiennie? (Thank you once again for the inspiration! :D )

Next up – What I’m spinning …. and… my new spindle! (I can’t wait to show you!!!)

Until then, keep on keepin’ on!


6 thoughts on “it’s not my fault!

  1. Hmmmm…that’s a tough call on which yarn. The pattern IS wonderful, and would show off a variegated yarn nicely. Is that the Sunrise yarn? That would be REALLY nice.

  2. Does the pattern play one colour against the other? Those two colours would certainly show up beautifully against each other – am looking forward to hearing about the spinning!

  3. The spindle arrived? Cool!!! Should have come here more often and I’d known earlier, huh? ;-) I’m glad to hear that though, very glad! :-) Let us know how spinning with it works out, will you?

    Oh and lovely colors for an awesome pattern. In all honesty it made my mouth water.

    Thanks for sharing, Saffron!

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