attention: knitting content ahead!

I’ve been looking at a lot of bloggers do retrospects about 2007. For me, I guess it would be that 2007 was my 2nd year of knitting (I learned to do cables and practiced double knitting). But the biggest surprise for me was the spinning. Never in a million years would I thought I would be creating my own yarn or fall in love with spinning fiber the way that I have. Nor would I have expected that spinning content would take over my blog, something that I have mixed feelings about. But it is what it is, right? And I’m having fun. :)

Ok… on with the knitting content! :D

I made dishcloths! I never thought I would do that either, but I needed something small and reasonably quick.

I bought two balls of Sugar’n Cream that I got for about $4 (3 oz each).




I searched around for a simple pattern but didn’t really find any I liked so I used a stitch pattern from a magazine and made up my own.



These took less than two days! and I had about 2 oz left of each ball so what’s a gal to do … but make more dishcloths. :)


Sometimes knitting feels like magic to me. I mean, we learn these two basic stitches and some how we come up with the heel of a sock.

I felt that magic again when I was working on the garterlac dishcloth. AND it’s ‘only’ the knit stitch!



Plus, I had no interesting in doing all that turning so I found this page about knitting (and purling) backwards.



Once again … the learning (and magic) continues. And entrelac just became a little bit less mysterious. :)

Happy New Year! :D


4 thoughts on “attention: knitting content ahead!

  1. Isn’t it just amazing how entrelac comes together? I recently did an entrelac scarf in Noro. Definitely something I would do again, it works up so fast and is so suprisingly easy! Love the dishcloths!

  2. Happy New Year! I also thought I’d never do the dishcloth thing, but I’ve found they make great (and quick!) gifts.

    Love the garterlac ones! :)

  3. They look all amazing but I’m extremely in love with the garterlac dishclothes. :-) When did you say we are invited to dinner?

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