I love my fingerless mitts!

Remember these?


I made ‘em in Feb 07. The first thing I kinda made up myself. They’re very basic. The one thing I would change is that I would go down a needle size for the ribbing. I didn’t know about that then and I think that would make a difference in how they fit.

Any I wore them the other day (on a day that I ironically forget my regular gloves) and I love them. And I’m talking fingerless mitts in general. I mean they were fun to make, but I’d never really worn them ’cause they are green. I don’t like green. I don’t wear green. But it was very cold. So now I have to make some that I will really love. I’m thinking… um, blue.

I finished another Odessa and am currently choosing my next project …. methinks fingerless mitts.


2 thoughts on “I love my fingerless mitts!

  1. I still love them sooo much. I’m glad that kept your fingers warm. :-) Aren’t those the ones that went to travel Australia ones?

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