FO and a heel

You might think FO might be something to say to the snow drift that surrounded my car this morning but no, it’s an actual Finished Object. I finished it over the weekend and finally got a semi-decent photo of them today:

Fingerless Mittens

Started: February 3, 2007
Finished: February 8, 2007
Pattern: Fingerless Mittens – Actually, since this is the first time making these, I looked at several patterns to try and get a general feel on how to make them then I kinda winged it. I tried to add a small eyelet on the back of the hand, but it’s lost in the yarn.
Yarn: 1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Forest Green Heather
Needles: US size 6 DPNs

This is what I hope to make for my Cabin Cove Yarn-along. They were easier to make than I thought. (What the heck is a gusset, anyway? <–rhetorical question)As much as I want to try a stitch pattern or design element, I really want the colors of yarn the be the focus so I’ll probably save that idea for another time.

I just finished the second heel on my toe-up socks. I do like the Sherman Heel and with some well placed markers, this go round was a little easier. But I ended up with a similar problem as last time with one side being pretty and nice and the other not so pretty and not so nice. I figured out too late that it must be the way I pick up the stitches on the encroachments – I think I’m doing it the same on both sides, but apparently not. I know what to work on next time. I’m so pleased to be finished with the heels … now it’s stockinette then rib and I’ll be finished with my first toe-ups. Is it weird to say that I’m more than a little proud of myself? Well … I am.

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p.s. Happy Single Awareness Day!

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