just a small update…

I was wondering today how in the world did I become so obsessed with yarn. I could (and have) spend my whole lunch hour just window shopping at esty drooling at the lovely yarny goodness. Sheesh. 8-O
Anyway… I have an inch done on the rib for sock one so that means I’m almost done with my first toe-up socks (Yay! :D ) … which also means I’m thinking about my next projects.

  1. My Cabin Cove KAL project – Fingerless mittens in the colorway Amethyst.
  2. Using some beautiful handspun that I bought from an Etsy seller. I’ve got a pattern picked out. It calls for about 198 yds and what I have is about 185+ but I think I can make it work. Sorry, no pictures of the yarn yet … I want to enjoy it for a while before I share it with the world. (as if that many people actually read my blog :roll: ) But I will tell you that it’s blue – big surprise there, hm? ;)

Have a good evening! :)

2 thoughts on “just a small update…

  1. So you have new yarn and don’t want to share it? Well, I can understand but I tell you here and now that you’ll cause me sleepless nights thinking about it.

    Honestly, enjoy your yarn and have fun knitting! :-)


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