tis the season …

… for wool allergies. With my hayfever in full swing, I’ve had to put my spinning fiber away in it’s plastic bags until mid-July. But before I did, I was spinning a lovely merino/tencel blend. I’m so in love with this fiber. It drafts like buttah and is REALLY REALLY soft. I love how it shimmers. I can’t wait until I can spin more and eventually ply it ’cause I think it’s gonna be so pretty. I wonder how much 3 oz will yield? Anyway, enjoy the photos. Amazingly enough, they are pretty true to color. :)

Prior to this merino/tencel blend, I had finally started spinning fiber from the Hello Yarn Fiber club. The yarn on the niddy-noddy will be a small skein of singles. I spun rest as well and it’s waiting patiently on a TP tube while I decide how I want to ply it – 2 ply or navajo ply. This is Toxic, the colorway for November 2007.

Thanks for stoppin’ by! TTFN!

3 thoughts on “tis the season …

  1. I love those colors! I finally had my first spinning lesson and it is really addictive. Now I can’t wait to buy more fiber and try it again! :)

  2. I too love the merino/tensil blends. I have spun up a couple of these myself. The colors are just beautiful and the spinning looks great!!

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