taking my life into my own hands…

How did I do that? By spinning! Since the fiber was tucked neatly in thier plastic bags, I thought maybe I would try spinning some singles that had been sitting round.

This is what I got done – superwash merino wool, hand painted by Dave Daniels, Navajo plied.

The spinning was a success. What I forgot to do was wash my hands. So when, for whatever reason, I put my hand to my eye, thus began the itching and so forth. The things we go through so we can play with fiber, hm? :roll:

I also discovered something today. My birthday is the same day as The Yarn Harlot. I think that’s kinda kewl. :)

2 thoughts on “taking my life into my own hands…

  1. The spinning is beautiful. But, be careful with your wool allergy! I have the same problem, working in the floral industry, and then touching my face. NOT pretty. :)
    That would be pretty knitted with a contrasting color, or black. The blue turned out great.

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