Movie meme

I saw this on Tiennie’s blog as well:

1. One movie that made you laugh: Sister Act
2. One movie that made you cry: Finding Nemo
3. One movie that you loved as a child: The Sound of Music
4. One movie you’ve seen more than once: The Matrix
5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: none I can think of
6. One movie you hated: The Matrix: Reloaded
7. One movie that scared you: Jaws
8. One movie that bored you: Star Wars: Episode I
9. One movie that made you happy: Star Trek: Generations
10. One movie that made you miserable: Dead Poet’s Society
11. One movie that you weren’t brave enough to see: Any horror movie
12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: Dory
13. The last movie you saw: Entrapment
14. The next movie you hope to see: ???

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