day 29: forbidden flame

I enjoy fiber clubs. They’re a great way to introduce yourself to fibers that you might not have thought to try or even know about. It’s always a nice way to expand your color palatte (although I’ve not found any shade of green that I enjoy knitting or spinning … but I digress). Unfortunately, it’s also a good way to spend money, so I’m bowing out of the next round of the Sweet Georgia Yarns fibre club. It’s a sad thing because I really love the colorways she’s created for the club. Out of the past 9 months, there’s only been 2 shipments that weren’t a favorite. It’s a given that you won’t like like every shipment, but that’s a pretty good track record, in my opinion. So here’s my last shipment – October 2009. I love it so very much.

It’s called ‘Forbidden Flame’ – 100% tussah silk plus some matching Blue-Faced Leicester.

I hope my spinning mojo comes back soon…

4 thoughts on “day 29: forbidden flame

  1. I love the colors of your fiber. Sweet Georgia is a favorite although I haven’t had the chance to spin her fiber. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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