day 28: setting goals

I’m terrible at goal setting. I always say I’m gonna do this or I’m gonna do that. But I never write them down. A couple of weeks ago, I finally did – all because of a knitting podcast.

I was listening to the ‘Gives Good Knit‘ podcast, hosted by Tikabelle – and she mentioned ’101 Things in 1001 Days’ – about how she did on her previous list of goals and what she wanted to achieve on the next go round. That got me thinking about all the things I say I want to do. So I did a little research and found Day Zero – Home of the 101 in 1001 days project. After perusing the site and looking at several people’s lists, I decided to make my own. My start date was on Sunday. I probably won’t share me whole list here, but I’m sure you can guess that some of those goals involve knitting and/or spinning. I’ve already started one of them.

98. Knit an afghan

Since I started knitting, large projects have always intimidated me. I never felt I had the attention span to finish what I start. I was afraid to even try. But as I’m about to start my 4th year as a knitter, I realize I’ve learned a lot in these past three years. I guess it’s time to put all that learnin’ to good use.

Here’s a peek at my Scrappy Log Cabin Blanket as it looked on Sunday, November 1st.

It’s such a comforting knit.

2 thoughts on “day 28: setting goals

  1. I love those colors together! I have yet to knit one but a garter stitch blanket seems like one of the cosiest things imaginable.

  2. I know exactly what you mean re: best intentions. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to jump off the deep end with you, but I’ll certainly start considering it.

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