knitting everyday

Do you knit everyday? I do. It’s very rare that I’ve missed a day since the beginning of the year. I never expected a ‘hobby’ to become so much more than that – Therapy – Solace – just something to do while waiting in line for 30 minutes a the bureau of motor vehicles or to quiet the mind when there’s just too much goin’ on in there. Therefore, it’s been kinda scary the last couple of days when I was almost too tired to knit. … I said ‘almost’. ;-) Even if I only have time to knit a couple of stitches, I make sure to make time for my knitting. It’s that important.

I shall end this post with pictures the two small skeins of sock yarn I got at the yarn store yesterday to expand the color palette of this years ornaments.
I love this one – It’s ShibuiKnits Sock in the colorway, Peony.

and I wanted a purple so I got this – Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in a pretty periwinkle.

My handspun shawl is still growing. I still love knitting it. I got a longer needle and it make knitting much each easier w/out my knitting being so scrunched up.

One more thing – go visit The Kniterella View – She has instructions to make a yarn ball wreath. Who needs the Starbucks version when you can make and customize your own! (And if you Google ‘starbucks wreath’, you see other people who have made one as well.)

ta ta for now!

One thought on “knitting everyday

  1. I do try to knit everyday and usually accomplish something measurable. Carrying knitting around with me just doesn’t happen anymore, though. When I’m out, the traffic is busy and requires all of my attention ; ) Yes, I have knit in the car while driving – yikes!

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