bigger than a shawlette

Have you see the latest pattern from Laura Chau (cosmicpluto knits)? Oh. My. Goodness! It’s gorgeous! It’s called ‘Attabi Wrap ‘. It’s knit with US size 8 (5.0 mm) needles with DK weight yarn. It’s knit in garter stitch and an intriguing woven stitch. Why, oh why, can I not knit on three projects at the same time?!? There is a cowl that is knit in the same pattern as the wrap and if you buy both patterns, there’s a reduction in price from the individual patterns. It might be cool to knit the cowl first to see if you actually like the pattern before staring the larger wrap.

I love all the shawlette’s that people are creating but I’m finding that they are too small for my liking. It’s nice to have a project that uses only one skein of sock yarn, but it just doesn’t seem big enough for me. And since I don’t like a lot of lace, it’s hard to find patterns I like that fit these specifications but it looks like this might fit the bill.

Another pattern that I like is the Ulmus Rectangle by Kirsten Kapur (Through The Loops). I love working on the smaller version but as soon as I saw the larger wrap, yarn ideas have been running through my head.

But alas, I shall continue to be monogamous to my handspun shawl…

…while visions of many, many other projects dance in my head. *sigh*

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