just what I need…

… another expensive hobby. Knitting… spinning … and now… jewelry!?

Recently I’ve been wanting to buy some hand cards, but I couldn’t decide which ones so I hadn’t bought any. So I used that indecision money and bought tools and supplies to make wire jewelry today. Because of fiber addiction purchases, I’ve been putting that on the back burner but also lamenting that I didn’t have the tools to do what I wanted. And I’m talking just the basic tools. It’s very reminiscent of when I started knitting and every time I wanted to try a new pattern, I had to buy new needles.

I also bought some sterling silver wire in three different gauges. I have two rings that I wanted to try and some earrings that I want to make and if they turn out well, they will be a Christmas present for someone.

This interest in making jewelry has taken me by surprise. About 10 years ago, I tried beading and was very quickly bored. Beading by itself is not enough to hold my attention. But wire looks very interesting, with or without beads. And of course, I have no desire to start with a beginning project. I’m drawn to the Love Knot Ring (shown on THIS page) Fun times ahead! :)

One thought on “just what I need…

  1. i hope you’ll love working with wire as much as i do. thanks for reminding me about that ring! i bookmarked it when i got that magazine and then i completely forgot about it! also.. if you’d like any advice just give me a holler and i’ll see if i can help. no guarantees though. it’s not like i’m a pro. :)

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