are wii having fun?

Yes! Wii are! :D … and that’s…

The good news:
I got a Wii last month! I won it at my company holiday party! Can you believe that? And I love it! I love how active you have to be to play it. I received Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and finally got a TV stand for my TV and soon I’ll have things set up the way I want it and Wii Fit, here I come!

The bad news:
The Wii has distracted me from my spinning! :roll: . I know! How frustrating! (I did, however, achieve my goal of spinning or fiber prep every day in December so I am pleased.)

Can someone find out how to add more hours in the day please? There is not enough time for the fun stuff. *pouts*

Ok, enough pouting! I have what you’ve been waiting for – more stash enhancement! :D

It’s from The Painted Tiger – 8 ounces Corriedale Cross in the colorway ‘RBY Party’.

I had so much fun spinning ‘CMY Party‘, I couldn’t resist a chance to try this one.

I plan on chain-plying this fiber as well, but I hope to spin the singles a little thinner.

See ya later! :)

4 thoughts on “are wii having fun?

  1. I love your fiber so much! You are such an evil enabler. Oh! And I forgot to tell you! Santa Claus brought me a Kromski Symphony for Christmas, so guess who’s also started spinning on a wheel?? :D

  2. i just got an RPG game. so far all i’ve done is read some of the manual, but i have a feeling that once i start playing no one will ever hear from me again. o.O

    can’t wait to see how that braid will look chain plied!

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